The Coyne Philosophy

Dr. Coyne’s foremost goal in establishing hospitals throughout Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana is to enrich and improve communities through stellar service, progressive medicine and extensive outreach. Growing up on a farm in Central Illinois surrounded by animals had a strong influence on Dr. Coyne. Today, more than 40 years after obtaining his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, he has excelled not only as a practicing veterinarian but also as an advocate and mentor.

Currently, Dr. Coyne co-owns six animal hospitals, each one equally dedicated to quality, efficiency, and innovation. Our veterinarians work hard to follow in his footsteps and set an example for future animal caregivers. In addition, our technicians, assistants, kennel attendants, client care representatives and all other staff are chosen due to the level of compassion, skill, and knowledge they demonstrate in their positions. We want only the most qualified and dedicated individuals to care for your pet.

At Coyne Veterinary Center, we aim to be the best in everything we do, because it’s what you deserve. We hope you join us on our journey and become a part of the Coyne family.

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