Cat and Dog Spay and Neuter Services in St. John, IN

One of the most important steps in your pet’s development is their spay or neuter surgery. Cat and dog spay and neuter surgery is something we recommend for all pets in St. John, IN, with the following goals in mind:

  • To prevent unexpected pregnancies and unwanted litters
  • To ensure there are fewer stray animals on the streets, and fewer shelter animals being needlessly euthanized
  • Minimizing certain health risks and preventing others
  • Reducing or preventing destructive behaviors

In short, spaying and neutering dogs and cats saves lives and makes them better. Also, you can expect to have a more peaceful, harmonious relationship with your pet.

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How Spaying/Neutering is Better for Your Pet’s Health

Dogs and cats can experience a variety of benefits for the short term and long term following their spay/neuter surgery, including:


  • Less risk for mammary gland tumors, which have a 50% chance of malignancy in dogs and a staggering 85% chance of malignancy in cats
  • No risk for ovarian or uterine cancer
  • No risk of pyometra, a major infection of the uterus
  • Less tendency to go roaming and looking for a mate
  • No heat cycle


  • No risk for testicular tumors
  • Less risk for diseases of the prostate
  • Improved behavior overall--less chance for aggression, mounting, and urine marking or spraying; calmer around females
  • Less tendency to want to go roaming and looking for a mate

Additional Information

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Why Dogs and Cats Need to be Spayed and Neutered at the Right Time

Spay and neuter surgeries for St. John, IN, dogs and cats are most beneficial when they are done at the right time. So what is the right time?

First, every pet is different--depending on their breed and health/medical history, the timing can vary. However, in most cases, we recommend spaying/neutering cats around 6 months if they are the appropriate weight, and dogs between 6-12 months. Small and medium-sized dogs can usually be safely spayed/neutered at 6 months, but large and extra-large breeds typically have to wait longer. This is because larger breeds have a slower growth rate, which is affected by their hormones. Spaying/neutering too soon can impact their joint development.

Our Animal Hospital in St. John, IN, is Here to Help

All in all, you and your veterinarian will need to decide on the time that is best for your pet. Call our animal hospital in St. John, IN, at (219) 627-3264 to find out more.