Pets Available for Adoption


Looking for a new fur baby? Look no further than adorable Kate! She's a young female with lots of love to give, and as if her good looks weren't enough, she's got all the best qualities too! Kate is friendly, playful, funny, quiet, and great with other dogs, making her the perfect companion. She's an all-around great pup who would love to find a forever home with someone who can give her the love and care she deserves. If you're looking for a fun and furry addition to your family, come and meet Kate!

  • Spayed Female
  • Estimated DOB: 1/7/24
  • Mixed Breed (Jack Russel Mix)


Kayleigh is a young female dog with a friendly, playful, and affectionate personality. She is quiet but will always come to you for some love and kisses. She is a sweet dog who would love to have a home of her own where she can be the center of attention. She is very loyal to those who care for her and will always be a great companion. She loves to run around and play but also knows when it's time to settle down. She is an intelligent dog who is always curious about the world around her.

  • Spayed Female
  • Estimated DOB: 2/23/24
  • Mixed Breed (Great Pyrenees Mix)


Sheamus is a friendly, playful, and curious young man with lots of energy! This affectionate and smart pup is an athletic breed, with springs in his feet, who would make a great companion for someone who loves an active lifestyle. Ever the social butterfly, Sheamus gets along well with other dogs, and will certainly make new friends in his new home. If you're looking for a fun, affectionate, and smart companion, look no further than Sheamus! This special pup is sure to bring joy to your life.

  • Neutered Male
  • Estimated DOB: 12/25/23
  • Mixed Breed (Jack Russel Mix)


Thumper is a friendly, playful and affectionate young man with lots of energy and curiosity! This athletic pup loves to run around and play with his favorite humans. He's very affectionate and loves a good cuddle, but don't leave him alone for too long, as he might get lonely. Thumper is very curious about the world around him and will happily follow his nose to explore. Thumper was previously in a home and was returned at no fault of his own. He does well with other dogs as he had a dog companion. His previous owners said he did well with kids and other pets. As well as that he is very sweet and playful he LOVES to be active and run and play. They also noted he is a very good dog and that his next family would be lucky to have him.

  • Neutered Male
  • Estimated DOB: 5/22/23
  • Mixed Breed (Silver Lab/Doberman Pinscher)

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